I'm Back

I apologise for been so quite the last 11 months, A new photography project seduced me in April 2013 and since that I have been traveling from Flaam - Norway all the way down till Cape Town - South Africa. a great experience that from today i will start to share with you all.

Hope you enjoy it and keep in touch.
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Chinese New Year in Paris.

Chinese New Year in Paris has become one of the city's most popular annual events, In 2013, Chinese New Year officially begins on February 10th, with major celebrations that took place on Sunday, February 17th starting at 1pm at Paris's 13th arrondissement near Metro Gobelins, The parade left from 44 avenue d'Ivry (Metro Gobelins), winding through Avenue de Choisy, Place d'Italie, Avenue d'Italie, Rue de Tolbiac, and boulevard Massena, ending at Avenue d'Ivry in south-central Paris. Parisians of all stripes eagerly crowded the streets of South Paris to witness a cheerful procession of dancers and musicians, vibrantly-hued dragons and fish, and elegant flags embossed with Chinese characters.  A truly memorable experience.

Carnival 2013, Paris-France
When we say "Carnival", we think of course the sumptuous and festive Carnival Rio, probably the largest and most famous carnivals. However, the spirit of the carnival is everywhere, and France is no exception when it comes to having fun! There are many carnivals in France, as the Carnaval de Paris that year by year is bringing more people. let the fun begin!

Save money in time of crisis

These days of crisis we all have to save money. There are many things we can do to decrease our expenditures with just some small adjustments. Here there are 10 ways to save money.

1. Re-use plastic shopping bags as trash bags
2. Cut down on cigarettes
3. Make a monthly budget
4. Don't use your credit cards for everything
5. Find a cheaper cell plan
6. Sell your garbage
7. Look for the cheapest prices
8. Don't buy branded cloths
9. Use coupons
10. Pick up pennies 

Mind power 
Mind power is an essential tool for wellbeing.  Ramil Morla said that "Everyone has the power and ability to make dramatic changes and improvements in their lives by learning how to access and use the power of our subconscious mind". It is not that simple because many people give up before they reach their desired results and then they turn around a say, “It doesn’t work.” So, In order to get the results you want, you will have to practice diligently and consistently work on training your subconscious mind to accept your new goal, so that it can work for or with you, helping to manifest it into your reality.